Here are the ‘Before’ pics of “Betsy’, my new Home Sweet Home. I already took the seats out. Notice the fold up tail gate table….nifty to cart groceries in, or act as a camping table. At this point I am not sure if I will be keeping it or not. I may try out several configurations, using large Tubs I already own. I am already thinking a good night’s sleep and full size twin mattress, will be the way to go.

[A]I could keep the table , store metal detector under it, and still have a twin size bed in the rest. That would be using 6 tubs.[B] If I get rid of the table, I could get 8 tubs in. [C] No table…6 tubs, decent cooler, and luggable loo

Will probably go with [C].ImageImageImageImage

  1. Rob said:

    Lots of decisions in the lay out Joy, but for the most part they are changeable. I’d give some though to a table, right now this key board that I’m typing on is sitting on a table.
    Have fun & maybe I’ll see you on the road!

    • Rob,
      I haven’t shown a pic yet, but I have one of those fold up personal tables. It will be perfect. I also hope to find a foldup rocking chair.

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