Good bad or ugly…….I’ve had most of a month to ponder how to convert the Mini van. What to buy? What can I use of what I already have? I have been picking the brains of many patient folk on my Van/Rv groups……..Thank You to All of you that are so generous with your knowledge!

Hours and hours of watching utube vids, on back packing, as those folks are the most efficient with space. I am going to make some of those small kits made out of altoid tins.

The limited space I have, is sort of deciding how to configure it. At first I was all set to strap some cupboards in and try to fit sleeping into a small space. It was pointed out to me that those pieces would fall apart with the vibration…and my dear friend is right.

I already own these marvelous sturdy tubs…6 of them…perfect amount to support a twin size mattress. I am thinking that even if it looks a little strange, that will be the way to go. Those make a natural bed support, besides will hold all my possessions.Add a 5 day cooler, luggable loo, small butane burner, 12v. travel mug, and I am good to go. I own a fold up personal table , so that is all set. I did get a 200 wt. inverter, to power the laptop on the road. When I get in house elec…I’ll move it up to a 400 wt, so I can power a magic bullet, if I find I need one. Till then I’ll just eat raw and buy some canned juices.

With the tubs…I can change the configuration at whim…so guess it will all work out one way or another.

Thermos cooking sounds easy and interesting.I love subs as well, and juice the rest of the time.  I figure my lovely friends I will be visiting ,will take pity on me enough to soothe the need for home cooked food…..and a hot shower. of course it isn’t hard to keep clean, but a nice shower can be a good thing!

Keeping cool is the main thing here in Florida. It will be important to get an extra ‘in house ‘ battery put in, as soon as possible. I hope the first month, on the road. I’m going to try to take along my bigger 15″ fan, for when I can plug in to elec.

I’ve decided not to worry too much about getting the wifi enhancer right away. Will play it by ear, and see what is needed. So many places have free wifi cafes, I can’t see an issue. I will probably get a 24/7 phone or get more minutes for this one, as one really does need to stay connected in one way or another.

It’s all ponderings till close to the end of the month. I should be able to easily get any important essentials in one shopping trip to. Wal Mart… fav. place….we all know how I LOVE Wal mart…lol. For those that don’t know….I worked for them for 21 years…am glad I don’t anymore, but yet still shop there…..go figure! Might even park in their lot overnight a few times, as well!

In a couple weeks, I hope it will be interesting to see how the my new little place shapes up.

  1. Laura said:


  2. ediezap said:

    Hi Joy,
    It sounds like you are getting it together…when are you planning to hit the road? I could meet up with you when you are in Ocala as it is only 1 hour from Cedar Key and I go food shopping there every Tuesday.
    I haven’t started on my van but my first step is to get electrify wired up.
    Take care

    • Hi Edie,
      It will probably be mid month or slightly after of August. Electricity is something I’ll be working on as well…hopefully then. Am hoping to get my fren’s Dad to hook it up for me when I visit her in Dunellon. Till then, I have a 80-200 invertor so laptop can be powered. I would be kewl with checking out Ocala natl. forest, or any other places you know of. Possibly could come to your area, as nothing is planned after visit to Dunellon. I’d be happy to help you work on your van, if I can be of any help. I’ll be working on mine, as I go….though it really is so simple, it doesn’t need much.
      Happy Camper Hugs,

      • ediezap said:

        Hi Joy,
        It would be great to have some help with the van. It’s very long and I can’t decide whether to have the bed across the width or length. Dunellen is also about an hour away from me so you can come visit when you’re done. You will love Cedar Key. Keep my cell no.: 561-307-8832 and call when you’re ready.

  3. Welcome to the Boondocking with solar groiup. glad you are blogging, I need to find another one or two to read. Iam down to only reading Randy Vinning’s Mobile Kodger. When I get things here at the casa under control a little latter in the week I will study your blog and see if I can pass on some ideas. I have built two motor homes from parts and have pretty much converted our 15 passenger van with wheelchair lift into a day tripper.

    We can spend a week or so in it with some planning, including hot showers. I would not want to live in it with 2 people and a electric wheelchair full time for many reasons but we can enjoy a day or two fishing or site seeing away from the truck conversion without to much discouragement.


  4. I just saw your comment on MobileDwellers_Southeast, where Wolf is one of my readers. I can help you with many things. Your PayPal button…you don’t want to put it in the body of the blog or it will get lost. A widget will accept html code and it should be placed high on the page. You want it to show up on ALL pages, not just one post. You can learn a lot more about WordPress and marketing at my site at, where I am providing totally free beginner marketing training in the posts. I’ve been doing it for 14 years.
    Also, we have our own Chrysler T&C van that we are converting into a camper, and I have a free 94-page book about it at CaravanCamperRV. It covers everything from park connections to electrical needs, to add-ons, and none of it is attached to the van, so if you trade, you can put it all right back into another van. I show you how to have stand up room, a shower, and even air conditioning… with nothing being attached to the van. I also have a personal list of blogs for other minivan and car dwellers, from whom you can learn how others are doing it. Let me know what you need, and I’ll be glad to answer any questions. I’m also a moderator for the Yahoo car_living Group, in case you want to check that out.
    Welcome to the world of mobile travelers.

    • Thanks for this wonderful information! I will def. be checking your blog/sites out!

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