I am in the fortunate position of receiving a small stipend. Not enough to live well, but enough to keep me on the road if I watch it close. While I am ‘Over it’, as far as punching a time clock, I am still healthy and a hard worker.

Gigs…are welcome along the way!

I am a lady of many varied talents. In my former life, I have been a Waitress, Nurse’s Aide, Restaurant mgr., Retail Store Mgr., Farm Worker, Homesteader, Housekeeper, Mobile home renovator/flipper, and also owned a fountain designer website . My friends affectionately call me ‘Have Drill Will travel’ . The drill is the only power tool I currently own for the Road.

I own a Euro Pro Steam Cleaning machine, and it is traveling with me for cleaning Gigs. Will work for ….You name it…let’s barter. I am especially open to cleaning little Mom and Pop restaurants/shops, in the little strip malls, in exchange for Gift certificates from your shop.

I also am a certified Hypnotist and quite knowledgeable in EFT. I’ve had some success in helping others release past traumas, reduce chronic pain, and have done some past life regression. I do not  hold a doctorate in anything, so these areas are considered ‘entertainment’. Donations accepted.

Crafts……I am set up to do wire wrapped jewelry and wind chimes. I love making Tree of Life pieces and unique necklaces from special shells I find on nature walks. I can’t keep a large inventory , so love to do custom pieces, while you wait.

Part time event Gigs…..need help working your Concession during a big event?

House sit while you vacation…especially in Florida………

Gardening…….weeding….misc. gardening jobs.

Affiliate Links…..I will offer links to good products and good websites I actually use

[ Online payments for crafts/services/donations can be made through Paypal. I cannot get a button to post here, as the HTML snippet will not take, therefore must be handled manually.

I can either send a request for payment to your email addy that is linked to paypal, or you can just go to your paypal account and:       Go to   [Send money]…..send to…..    minnievanjoy@hotmail.com  ]

Those I have done Gigs for, please leave your references in the comment section……..Thanks!


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