I’ve decided to take my travelog a step further, and keep detailed records of costs on the road, from set up of my Van, all the little things one needs to live this way, and will throw in a mix of tricks of the trade to live Very Frugally. If one tip saves someone $20 a month, I will be happy as a clam, that I was of help. Those $5+ little things we can do, may help keep someone eating all month…..or allow for admission to an event or art gallery they may have never otherwise been able to attend.

I myself like to live a peaceful life, yet I do enjoy amenities. Quite frankly…..while I would never ever steal anything….it does not bother my sleep to make use of things set out for public use. If you have moral objections to that, then please don’t disturb yourself, by reading any further.

Once I posted asking about where to get a wifi booster and a lady couldn’t control herself from commenting on how some folks think it’s fine to ‘steal’ wifi signals,and that she pays $xx a month for her service.  OMG…..I had only asked about being able to boost the free wifi signals from wifi cafes, while in the parking lot. I have paid my dues for 50 years of over priced cable bills. If I want to use a free signal, then that is my moral choice. While I have used cable service, in my home, I kept my signal open for others less fortunate and close by to avail themselves of ,though the cable installers highly recommended not doing so. I know many are so worried about identity theft and security. I guess if I had anything of value for ‘them’ to steal, I might worry, as well.  As it is…..I do not lose any sleep over it.

The point of this post is………While many of my tips are common sense, if there are any you do not agree with, then please just keep those comments to yourself.

  1. Sarah said:

    I agree!!! Like myself I use free wifi when I can, For instance.. I go to this coffee house chain often have been for many yrs and most times buying from them and once in awhile I bring my own coffee and use their wifi and A/C and what I figure what I pay for ,for their over priced coffee makes up for it! You go girl!!!

    • Thank you Sarah! On the note of Coffee Houses…I’m going to do a post on just those alone…..

      • Sarah said:

        Looking forward to those posts!!! 🙂 my fav is turtle mocha YUMMO!

  2. ediezap said:

    Hi Joy,
    Just to let you know, I have a coffee shop/restaurant in Cedar Key with free wifi for the customers. One day a guy comes in and asks if he could use the wifi. I said sure but since I was closing I told him he can sit outside and stay as long as he wants. He was very thankful and bought a coke. I told him $1.00 and he gave me 5 and said keep the change for being nice. I didn’t have a problem with him using my wifi for free even though I pay for it. I would not have considered him “stealing” it even if he came when I wasn’t around. It is there to attract people to the place. I’m sure all the other places feel as I do. Even if someone comes in McDonalds and uses wifi and buys nothing, they don’t care because there’s 10 more people who WILL buy something.
    Anyway, when you come to visit, you’ll get a complimentary cup of coffee…and we have real good coffee…

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