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As you know I was totally frustrated with the first layout I did.  Back to the drawing board……………..

I got to Dove’s home yesterday in the afternoon, while she was still at work. I flew into the new set up…….double pace…crazy lady…..stay outta the way mode….lol. That’s how I clean house too…….

I am pleased with how it turned out. The bed is now lengthwise……I even put a sheet on it and everything. The one row of tubs are:

[1] Food

[2] Cooking gear….butane burner, pots n pans, a pizza pan set up I devised, and space for my new personal blender/smoothie maker.

[3] Euro steamer….paper work stuff

[4] Luggable Loo, step stool, emergency light/radio

[5] 12v cooler….this thing is working great! Year on paper work says 1996.

On top……………..

[1] Picnic backpack

[2] Duffle bag of clothes

[3] Overnight case of clothes

I bungee corded the tubs together, and also ran one through the packs ….then covered all with a  fitted flannel sheet. I wrapped the flat sheet around the bed.

Up front seat:

Power pack

Soft side cooler with thermos in it.

Gym bag…set up , ready to go for a workout

Passenger seat….will use for laptop.

My little 12v fan is nestled next to the power pack…it does a great job…best $10 investment ever.

Will keep all this covered with a towel or small blanket.

Back of seats….I have two caddys for misc, and one for jewelry…all covered up by a sweater I wear to the movies.

I think I will be much happier with this set up….though I did have to leave 4 tubs and other misc. at my friend’s home. A future cartop carrier should solve a lot of the problem, as well as finding a room for my off road times. I took one crochet hook along for my on road crafts… I can make can cozies etc , while on the road.

Note: I discovered the 12v cigarette lighter plugs ,do shut off when engine is not running, so now feel safe to leave them plugged in. I  froze a gallon sun tea jug in my friend’s freezer overnight to help the cooler out a bit, and have nice cold water, if need be.

Side door view

Back view with packs on top

Motorcycle helmet and pool barbells in little side area

Covered by back curtains

The fold up foam chair bed, with sheet

Everything all strapped in

Power station and small cooler with thermos

All neat and ready to rock n roll

What got left behind


I’ve decided it’s time to seek gainful employment. I know I’ll be happier if I have a ‘home base’ to stay at…for now anyway. I will love the road more, treating it as vacation time to start. I enjoy dining out, and don’t mind sleeping in the van, but to have to do it 24/7/365 is not going to make for total happiness, at least , at this point in time.

Unfortunately, I have a van payment and a few other bills …all which will be done within a year. That doesn’t help now though, and there just isn’t enough in the coffer to support a room and travel. What are my options?

STICK N BRICK JOB; I will get one of these, if all else fails. Issue being….time commitment. With my managerial experience, I never have an issue getting a job….it’s getting part time and non managerial that is tough. I am a natural Boss, and employers always want to put me in that position…even when I apply only part time.

CRAFTS: Honestly…they don’t sell well enough to even recoup the materials theses days.

HYPNOSIS AND EFT: I am more than happy to help folks out with ‘issues’ ,for donations. For those with traumas and or post traumatic stress, the EFT honestly has been well known to help. I’m a certified hypnotist. Results do not always happen overnight or with one session, but dramatic results have been had. I am more than happy to donate my time to Vets that need some help, but can’t afford a donation. I like to work with folks that are interested in continuing with self help, once I teach you the techniques.

CLEANING/ HOUSE SITTING/ MOTHER’S HELPER /ETC. : I am hoping to find a nice family that has an extra room, they would let me have, in exchange for doing their monthly heavy duty cleaning. I own a shark euro steamer and am a cleaning tornado with it. I can do gardening…pool maint….light cooking…. This would be my preferred choice of jobs………….travel two weeks a month and take care of the home when I am home. Trust me…I would more than earn the price of a room barter.  I have a lady I currently clean part time for that will give me a reference.

GIGS: I am open minded to part time gigs.

When I left Dove’s house I thought I had everything set up perfect.

Sadly………….no…didn’t end up that way. It did nothing but rain for my first few days on the road, and I spent a lot of time in McD’s and Panera trying to not catch a chill and to use their wifi. I left with 6 large tubs, a cooler and a multitude of smaller bags and backpacks, as well as the metal detector.

Even though I had it all strapped together, it all slid…scrunching my little bed, and the front passenger seat ended up overflowing with bags, falling all over. It was a fine mess in short order!

By Wed. I was very frustrated, and ended up spending the day with my pally Gina. I did laundry, and we chatted about options. I decided to look for work of some sort, so I can have a little spot to call home in a stick n brick place, and not try to live in the van 24/7/365. I think it will be better that way, as it’s too hard for me to give up everything, and not enough room to store camping gear and live comfortably in it with all my clothes and so forth.

I made the trip back to Dove’s today and moved my bed to the lengthways position , instead of sideways. Then there is one row of tubs along one side. 4 tubs , a 12v cooler I discovered today, and two bags for my clothing. I stored 2 more tubs and misc other things, as well as am leaving the metal detector behind, until I find a car top carrier. I am also leaving behind the camping table, for now, as will be doing only urban living for awhile. I am also leaving my crafts tub behind for now. Maybe I’ll just keep one size crochet hook , for the road, and save the wire wrapping tools and so forth for when I am at my future stick n brick location.

On the trip home, I stopped at a store in Kissimmee and ran into a dear older lady I used to work with at Wal-Mart. That was nice. I ran across a purse, sitting on a chair, that looked full, so slightly peeked in and then promptly took it up to the desk. in a few min, a lady was looking around and I let her know the purse was up front. Her family was so thankful. I was just so glad to help.

After that, I felt rewarded for my kind gesture, by finding a 12v cooler, at a reasonable price.of $20, at a police organization thrift store. I thought I had found this great twin bed that was adjustable to any height, but it was college extra long size, and just didn’t fit. I could have stored my tubs underneath and had a twin bed instead of my flod out foam chair. The chair is comfy though. it should be even more so, since I moved it lengthwise.

I got out the new butane burner, and WOW…it works slicker than snot……I LUB IT!  I also found a vented round pan to hopefully cook my little taco shell pizzas on, and found a lid to cover the top, so the heat would be held in better. I’ll take pics later.

I’m tired, but feel like I learned some lessons and am moving forward.


Hi Gang!

I woke up at 4am, and headed to the Gym for my first session and a nice hot shower. Now I’ve only had to ‘rough it’ one day, so will win no badges for courage on that front….but my adventure is not about suffering…it’s about getting out there more and enjoying life, before I become worm food for my strawberry patch ..[That is where I always told my kids I wanted my ashes spread. Shoot I don’t even have a strawberry patch anymore, and No I won’t haunt anyone like I threatened , if that feat doesn’t happen. ]

BTW……I used my membership for all it was worth today. I tanned……I walked a treadmill…..I used the massage chair……and I took not one , but TWO showers. One before to wake up and after to enjoy, get clean, and pretend I was actually in a fancy spa. I went in at 4;30 and came out at 6:30, so you know I totally enjoyed myself, as the exercise part was only 20 min., before I said ‘Uncle’.

Only sporadic showers expected today, so maybe I’ll get more work done on the organization project.

I actually slept off and on last night, The little fan did a great job of keeping me cool and helping to get rid of the damp rainy feel the Van had. I discovered the van has all kinds of little lights, all you have to do is tap on them to turn them on……so no need for a fancy light set up. i misplaced my handy dandy helmet light, so used them last night when I had to fumble around for something.

A gent across the way is needing a chat partner, so will sign off for now……Laters!


Wow….I actually got flirted with by a nice ex marine gentleman this am. And I only worked out for 2o min……………boy…That got fast results!….Only kidding!  No date made, as I think he thought i was ‘travelin, and not staying in the neighborhood………………maybe I let him think that…I DO self sabotage myself …never learned the art of dating…..too late to care anymore.

I AM NOW BEACHSIDE………At my Sweet Spot location. I had to stop and grab lunch and just revel in the fact that I am finally here………… the Beach.

I WILL START TAKING SOME PICS SOON………………………..Gotta share this with everyone…so long as this place doesn’t get stampeded with people…all will be well. Maybe i better keep the exact location a secret…or else the Canadians will come down and ruin it for us.

Time to explore!


I am fortunate in that I already managed to get most items on my WISH LIST. I allow myself around $100 a month for this , and entertainment, dining out, etc. Here is a list of wish lists items I already obtained:

Luggable Loo

Curtains and rod system

Pots n pans


Butane Burner

Gym membership


Wifi booster…ordered…waiting on it

Power Pack system

Personal size blender/smoothie maker



Car top carrier…..turtle shell kind

Twin mattress

Hot Pink bedding

A more rvish type Van or Minnie Winnie, than what I chose


As I lay wide awake, trying to sleep in my new van bed, I ponder how can I make this thing actually ….liveable. I don’t want to have to tear apart all six tubs every time I need to find something. All these extra cute, neat containers I’ve set up, have no home to store them. Right now a bunch are piled in the passenger front seat and floor, as well as on top of all the other tubs. IT’S A MESS!

I need to make a ‘media’ area…for laptop and phone.

I need to get ALL my clothes in one tub…not two. I think if I hang my two big leather coats on the back of the front seats, I might make it, as they are what takes up most of one tub. Honestly…how many Harley shirts does one need when one hasn’t ridden more than once in six months…..Give it up Girl!

Getti’n tired and misspelling …not on purpose………………Nitey Nite!

There is nothing like failure to get one to redirect their efforts, and Git er Done…………..

I could see things were going  to heck fast with the van being over crowded and under comforted…[is that a word…probably not]

I got a good start on de cluttering today, even though it poured rain all day.

[1] took back the big cooler and instantly created 2 x 3 ” of space……………biggie.

[2] I researched Planet Fitness and opted to go with them, as there is one 3 miles from the beach, and this one, byu my movie theater in this town.but they are all over the nation, as well. At $20 a month for the nationwide plan….reasonable for showers and Oh yeah….FITNESS!  Also will be god recreation…tanning beds, as well.  I was going to go tonight, but picked the wrong time…6 pm…will go later or wait till morning. I do want to get walking on the treadmills, and we’ll see about the rest. I bought new socks, tanks, and workout Capri to get started.  Will be sleeping in those clothes, and hitting the gym in the am’s for sure.

[3] I was so pissed at the curtains, how they hung so limp and wouldn’t stay together, that I tried cafe rods…and guess what…those strung through the clothes hanging hooks already on the van….actually work.

Still too much stuff, but couldn’t do much with all the rain. Tomorrow is another day.

I actually had a couple short naps, as I was soooo tired. I doubt I’ll have any trouble sleeping tonight……it’s 7:30 and I am zonked. Kinda jonesing on no movies, as they take too long for using the free wifi in the cafes. Once I get the van organized, and a wifi booster, I should be able to watch my netfix in the Van……should be able to even use the magic jack, once I get organized.

Note: I have straight …straight…hair, but it is all frizzy from all this rain….What’s Up with THAT?

Haven’t made kit to the beach yet, but if the rain indeed lets’s up…will head that way!