Window coverings have become the headache of the Van Conversion.

I am up to Plan E……………………….

First I made semi permanent coverings for the sliding doors with Hot Pink poster board. It slips in well around the windows. I can see to drive pretty well, so long as I leave the back side windows uncovered for driving.

Now I am not thrilled to be constantly taking curtains up and down so the fix i did toady is temp. only….and UGLY. I hate it, but I had already bought the reflective material, so am using it till I find material to make cuter curtains.

The tinted windows just needed a little help to keep folks from peering in. That is all this provides.

I had a heck of a time getting some sort of hook up. All the glues failed. I have no idea where all the wiring is, so didn’t want to hit any of it. Finally, I got tiny screws, and that with hot glue, is what is working to hold them to the vinyl around the windows.

My plan F is to get Ten ….1 yard pieces of black fabric..45″ to 54″ long, and make a bunch of curtains, and mount hot pink tie backs. I also have to figure out how to hold them close to the windows, as most of my windows slant outward.

FRONT WINDOW……I added elastic pieces , so I could hold up the sunshade to the visors……Hot Glue to the rescue again!

I LUB Hot Glue!


1 comment
  1. Sarah said:

    It’s a good start and as you go you’ll come up with better ideas that work for you. 🙂
    You’re doing great!

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