The Van Conversion is starting to come together. I’m chill’in and my Pally Dove’s house, finishing up on projects and actually listening to her sage advice, as she lived in an Rv a good many years, and was an RV Park Manager , once upon a time. THANKS DOVE AND KEN!

She and I had a fun time at Home Depot….looking for Styrofoam  insulation for the top of the Swamp Cooler. I found a broken piece I talked the Home Depot guy down to $3 on, plus he sliced it into manageable pieces for us.  Then we were off to the plumbing department to find a 2″ elbow. I found one that had a little step piece, which I liked, as it will fit in perfect and has it’s own lip.

The foam I found was not 1″ thick, so I cut two and glued them together with elmers white glue…..and let sit overnight.  Ken helped me trace out the holes and did the one for the plumbing pipe with a hole attachment on his drill. Then he handed me a small saw and indicated i should take over and do the big hole for the fan. All the better for me to do as much of it myself , as possible….empowering….eh ladies?!

I made the large hole so the 12v fan would sit right in perfect. After making sure the whole shebang fit perfect, I lined it all with white duck tape, so it wouldn’t fray and those darned little pieces of Styrofoam wouldn’t flake off..

I added a couple of rope handles, so it would be easy to remove the ‘air conditioner’.

I plan on using 2 or 3 wide mouth gallon jars to keep my ice in, in the cooler. The melted ice can be used for water to drink and it won’t mess up the food I keep in the cooler. Also there will be much less chance of any water mold getting started.

My new Power Station is all charged up, and I hooked up the fan and it all checks out ! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool Florida night’s sleep is now MINE!

  1. neil said:

    Great job on the cooler!!……………..Livinfree1964

    • Thanks! I LUB>>>LUB>>>LUB….making everything do double duty, and be off grid to Boot! Next project I am ‘thin…kin on is a handy dandy very simple canopy, that will store easy lashed to the car top carrier….be easy peezy to set up, and offer some friendly shade for when doing camping in those park settings. it will no doubt be a tarp + concoction with foraged branches for tent stakes.

  2. I’m planning on doing just that. I am also planning to add a tiny EVA dehumidifier. It runs on 22 watt still a heck lot less power than a real AC. How is it holding up?

    • Hmmmmm…let me know how that dehumidifier goes! I’m still chillin for a few mo days at my friend’s home…but should have a report soon. Nothing to really go wrong with it. Some folks strap the fan on, but I doubt, I’ll need to do that, as it sits real nice and hardly any vibration, with the small fan. I plan on getting a box of damp rid to help with moisture…..that or just a container of kitty litter should keep things mildew free.

      • One more question what fan are using?

  3. I am using the little 12v….10wt fan sold in the auto department at Wal Mart……It comes with a clip so you can mount it somewhere, but for this use the clip came off easily , as it has nuts on it. I am keeping the clip for when i don’t need the swamp cooler.

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