Neat nik that I am…..I have to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place…especially living small, in my Mini Van.

My pally Dove donated a kewl box she used to use for her 12v coffee maker set up , when she was formerly on the road, as a vender. It probably originally housed a power tool. The foam insert is still there, so it keeps everything safe from rattling around inside.

I am adopting it for my pots n pans. I still don’t know what is going to work for me, so it’s all a crap shoot at this point in time. I got a 2 qt. saucepan with lid at a thrift store. Then next day shopping found a nested set that had a couple plastic lids, as well. I found lids sold separately for several of the sizes. I figure one or other set will go, as I see what I actually use. An investment of approx $3 for each set at thrift stores. Nope… I had no pans at my former stick n brick life, as I did all my cooking in a microwave or toaster oven, in a mother in law suite.

I originally had bought a metal splatter ware camping set at walmart.com, but knew I wouldn’t use half of it, so took it back……but if one would use the frying pans …it was sure a cute set for $25. It had a 2 qt pan/coffee pot/and 2 fry pans.

I also found a metal stand at a thrift store that will double as a pot stand for a solar cooker or a DIY sterno or alcohol stove. $1 at a thrift store. They cost just under $10 at a camping section for a fold up one. Mine nests perfectly under the nested pans I found. Need is the mother of invention……

The measuring cup and one funnel is actually for my euro steamer, but put it here, as it is multifunctional in cooking/measuring from big bottles into travel size bottles. I might have leftovers, so found room for a couple plastic containers.

I go to thrift stores for fun/entertainment/and to help implement my kewl DIY projects.

No where else they would fit….my butane lighter and long metal spatula found a place in this box.

Now…..Hopefully….I will eliminate unneeded STUFF from a tub and be able to store this box, my thermos cooler box, and my butane stove box in one tub.  Right now , these thinjgs do not have a permanent home. I am working on That……………

Pot n Pan Box

Everything all cozy

Saucepan and extra lids

Multi fuel pan stand

Nested enamel pan set

measuring cup and funnels

Storage containers

Spatula and butane lighter

  1. Fergal said:

    Minnie Van Joy,
    You might be interested in Penn State’s “Portable Kitchen Assembly Guide”, well worth a read.
    Make we joy.

  2. Laura said:

    I love how organized you are. 🙂

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