This is the first in a series of how I am packing my load.

Cleaning cloths


Nissen Wide Mouth Thermos

Thermos comparison


Two of everything silverware


Lunch Box /Thermal Cooker Bag

I already owned a very nice soft on the outside/hard on the inside , insulated lunch box , left over from my former Workaholic life. One of the few things I’ve been able to keep and re purpose  into something useful in my new nomadic lifestyle.

WOW….I can’t believe all the STUFF I fit in this thing! I started out wanting it to be an extra insulation package for my Thermal Cooking.. I bought a nice, highly rated Nissen wide mouth thermos for around $18 on Amazon. Walmart has one similar on their shelf though it is a different brand and not as highly rated, but I sure can’t tell the difference to look at them. This had a sipper spout, a plastic bowl and the cover can also be used as a bowl. I plan on cooking my dinners in this. Most any rice /pasta/soups/stews can be cooked in these.

I will do all my cooking in the am when heating water for coffee. First I’ll heat water on my butane burner stove…..then pour it into both thermoses to warm them. Then reheat if needed for coffee. Make the coffee into the aqua one. Heat whatever is needed for the metal one, and let it ‘cook’ all day. The lunch bag will provide extra heat retaining insulation. I may also make cozies for them both.

I needed a place to stash my silverware and utensils, and found room around the thermoses. I am going to transfer them to cloth bags my sheets came in, as warm thermos and plastic bags don’t go together. I probably have too many utensils, but will thin out, as I see what I actually use. Mostly I’ll use one set of silverware…but will often have a sister travelin companion for the day, and one extra to boot. Anyone else will have to bring their own.

I used the outside pouch for everyday condiments….salt/pepper/cinnamon/2 packets each of condiments/a few napkins. Top inside pouch has a few various types of cleaning cloths. Will add a couple wet naps to that when i come across them. Outside side pouch has marker and painters tape to mark things, as I always seem to be reorganizing and forgetting what is where, so I mark my tubs now. The flat plastic tops are my ‘plates’. I haven’t found a set I like yet, so these will do fine till I find something my decorator sense ‘can’t live without’.


Bag…..had it but they cost around $15 new

Thermos…Nissen….$18         Plastic one…$1.06 at a thrift store[Will switch this out to a metal one when I find a suitable one at a thrift store. I like wide mouth.

Silverware….all I have left from my former coca cola collection days….I’ll say free as everyone has silverware they can use.

Packets……………Napkins………Free…..free…free…….my friends save them for me, so everyone I visit has a bag waiting for me from when they dined out. I LUB my friends!

  1. MJ said:

    I love hearing how you are outfitting your rig. Are you on the road yet?

  2. Actually no…I am still visiting Dove…but all is ready to go. I taking time to do little blogs and pics of everything while i sit here comfy in air conditioning.

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