I’ve been debating on how I will make my morning java. Formerly i used a hamilton Beach Single Serving Elec . coffee maker. Simple setup, but won’t be using elec anymore. I figure on heating water on the butane stove or in a 12v travel mug.

I also have been trying to think of some way to filter water, while on the road. I am figuring to use melted ice cube water….storing it in large containers in the ice chest. Getting water from all different sources is like asking for ‘problems’.  I am not one to waste my money on buying bottled water…..only actually buy it that way if I need one in my purse to enjoy in a movie, and it needs to be sealed.

Decision made…..I must find something suitable to fit in my containers and filter things.


I found this 3″ tall  2.5 ” wide filter thingy…sitting inside a single serve glass coffee pot in a thrift store today.  It also has a button to press in case your grounds get clogged…but I will be using a paper filter.

I will either find a water filter cartridge to fit or make an activated charcoal filter out of charcoal and two coffee filters, tied with a good twisty tie. Easy Peezy!

I also found a cute blue metal cream pitcher, that will double as a single serve coffee pot….as well as a pitcher that can be used to get water out of sinks not large enough to put a larger container in. Nice spout and nice handle…unbreakable, and small enough to stick in my beach bag satchel.

Cost…$2.99 for both at the thrift store


Filter Inside view

  1. Brenda said:

    Ive been using the pur water pitchers for a couple of years now.. the blue filter cartriges last a long time and u could use the water for all of your drinking/cooking purposes… or they have small filter cartriges for water bottles.. but not sure what they cost… Your little coffee/cream pitcher is cute… wouldn’t the 12v travel mug be the easiest with an instant type coffee… on our one tent camping venture, Mitch heated water in a saucepan on our portable gas grill and then poued it in a coffee press(that he hadddd to have).. and I’ve read on camping websites that for good coffee while camping a coffee press is the way to go… Personally, I’m not sure I would need better than instant if I had to mess with coffee grounds.

  2. I just don’t like instant coffee, though I am getting used to powdered creamers. I will make ‘drip’ coffee. You just have to be patient when pouring the water in.

    I’m sure I’ll find a water filter that will work.

  3. Dick Tracy (cuzzin dick) said:

    Mornin cuz, google Monolithic Dome homes, they have a water filter (purifier) that matches and/or exceeds the Berkey, for much less greenbacks, lol. One furnishes the buckets of any size and after using mine and dipping from the creek for about 6 months, I heartedly endorse it.

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