I went thrift store adventuring today, with my pally Dove. She discovered it, and when she showed it to me…WE knew I had to have it. Now , I’ve been looking for dishes for the road and had not found the ‘right’ thing as of yet.

This Pic-N-Nik back pack is soooo cute and set up for a romantic picnic, with wine, crackers, and chez.  An insulated large pocket for cold or hot food… insulated wine bottle holder [removable], and set for 4 of plates, wine glasses, cutting board, silverware.

OMG…I may have to interview for a gentleman friend to enjoy this properly!  Just joking…gave up on That a while ago…but U never know……

Practically…..I am think’in it will be puuurfect to transport any items i care to dine on to whereever I care to dine……..beachside…….short trek to my fav. riverside hideouts……The Mall ……..should I wish……there is even a pouch to stash a table cloth or light weight blanket.

I will probably move my kitchen utensils to a pouch in this bag, instead of the thermal cooker bag. The old coca cola silverware will be getting donated.

I paid $19.95 for it……broke the bank….but oh well…..sometimes you have to live on the edge like that. Two days till ‘payday’…I won’t starve. My friend said she wouldn’t kick me out till then….lol. I think she’s having as much fun helping me outfit my van , as I am.


Back view

Wine glasses/cutting board


Thermal pouch

  1. Brenda said:

    Awesome! Also great time while at friend’s to make sure it’s all cleaned perfect and ready for the road 🙂

  2. I don’t think this was ever used…but yes…I am a MS. Clean… will be doing that, as I always do….no need to think I won’t be sanitizing everything, just like always….lol.

  3. Brenda said:

    I reseached these for a bit and it seems they cost about 60-65 dollars new… I also noticed that they sell coffee travel backpacks.. so cool!

  4. Wolf said:

    Sounds cool ! When can we go on the picnic ? Sounds fun …… 🙂

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