There is nothing like failure to get one to redirect their efforts, and Git er Done…………..

I could see things were going  to heck fast with the van being over crowded and under comforted…[is that a word…probably not]

I got a good start on de cluttering today, even though it poured rain all day.

[1] took back the big cooler and instantly created 2 x 3 ” of space……………biggie.

[2] I researched Planet Fitness and opted to go with them, as there is one 3 miles from the beach, and this one, byu my movie theater in this town.but they are all over the nation, as well. At $20 a month for the nationwide plan….reasonable for showers and Oh yeah….FITNESS!  Also will be god recreation…tanning beds, as well.  I was going to go tonight, but picked the wrong time…6 pm…will go later or wait till morning. I do want to get walking on the treadmills, and we’ll see about the rest. I bought new socks, tanks, and workout Capri to get started.  Will be sleeping in those clothes, and hitting the gym in the am’s for sure.

[3] I was so pissed at the curtains, how they hung so limp and wouldn’t stay together, that I tried cafe rods…and guess what…those strung through the clothes hanging hooks already on the van….actually work.

Still too much stuff, but couldn’t do much with all the rain. Tomorrow is another day.

I actually had a couple short naps, as I was soooo tired. I doubt I’ll have any trouble sleeping tonight……it’s 7:30 and I am zonked. Kinda jonesing on no movies, as they take too long for using the free wifi in the cafes. Once I get the van organized, and a wifi booster, I should be able to watch my netfix in the Van……should be able to even use the magic jack, once I get organized.

Note: I have straight …straight…hair, but it is all frizzy from all this rain….What’s Up with THAT?

Haven’t made kit to the beach yet, but if the rain indeed lets’s up…will head that way!


  1. Electric in the van? I mean your hair. Something is adding a charge to your hair? Just a thought. So things really do change when your living in a van!! Thanks for being so honest about it. 🙂 Sleep well!!!

  2. Scottie said:

    Congrats on your first night. I’m going to try sleeping in my van for the first time tonight.

    Where did you wind up parking your first night, and how did it go re:privacy?

    My next big challenge is curtains. I’d love it if you would post pictures of how you hung yours.

    – Scottie

  3. I’ll get some final pictures soon. Actually, I am not doing total privacy, It makes me claustrophobic, so am blocking view from all side windows. My bed cushions are down low, and no one really sees me. I have taken naps in full parking lots in the day light and no one even notices, unless you are getting in and out from the side. So far i can’t seem to sleep more than 2 hours straight. I have been sleeping at 24 hour Wal Marts, and just park toward the back, and after midnight the carts are mostly cleaned up and no one walking around. I do make sure the van is locked and key in ignition , for any emergency. Sometimes I drive over to a close by Mc D’s to use bathroom, so I am not running in and out of WM so much.

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