I left the stick n  brick security of my friend’s home today , amidst hurricane  Issac heading to the edge of Fl. I was on the West coast, and am now on the east coast of Fl….Palm Bay to be exact. Where to go…what to do with one’s TIME….without the crutch of a TV set to lean on???????

OK….it’s going to be an adjustment… that I asked for….but an adjustment all the same. My first evening….I am looking for a wifi spot. Little wind and rain going on…I am looking for a safe haven. Tropical storms in the weather prediction.

The Panera bread I knew of closed a min. before I got there. Lucky for me , there is a nice 24/7 Mc D’s next door, and for an 80 cent senior coffee, I am dry and ‘connected’ getting my puter fix.

There is a Wal Mart a block down the road, so either place seems like a candidate for a sleeping spot tonight…..qualifying with 24/7 bathrooms…lighted lots…a feeling of security.

It’s 9:30 and the Church crowd is here. Driving all day has tired me out, so think I will call it a day, and update this in the am…to report on my first night ‘s sleep in the Van….a momentous thing in my book.

Will the Old lady make it?  I hope so, after all my efforts…………..

So far………….So Good……………….


It’s early morning. I got 2 hours sleep….from 10:30 – 12midnight. Went shopping at Wal Mart a bit then tried to sleep, but couldn’t… wasn’t terribly unpleasant, just ‘new’….and messy. it was raining cats and dogs when it was time for me to set the van up for sleeping….so had to make do and throw things around. It looks like a vandal hit the place!

I kept thinking how useless some of the things i HAD to Have,are….at least in the city. I am going to lighten the load today, so I can get a better nights sleep.

What are those things you ask????????????????????????

Of all things…[1] my good sized 5 day cooler. I have one can of whipped cream and two bottles of water in it. I honestly can get by fine with my small lunch box cooler.  I can take that back.

[2] The luggable loo is a toughie. In town I will sleep at 24 hour places, so don’t really need it…but in woods, I’m sure it will be needed, so will have to find a spot for it……

[3] The swamp cooler I slaved over…worked fine, but it is getting cooler now, so can get by fine with the fan…..might buy a second fan.

I’m sure more things will come to mind, that I can eliminate.

I hope to go beach side today and check out health clubs.

  1. Sarah said:

    Yea!!! I have enjoyed reading about your preparations and have been waiting for your adventure to begin. I guess I am living vicariously threw you. I give you kiddos for doing this. Many dream of it but that’s it, it’s just a dream. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe life out in big wide world. God Bless, Sarah

  2. Red Meador said:

    You will make it. I can remember the first night for me in my Winnie. I didn’t know if I was baking a cake or cuttin a watermelon, that was May 1991. I have learned a lot but sometime I still dont know if I am baking a cake or cutting a watermelon… Trust your gut every time. Things are a lot easier for me with a Mobil hotspot.

  3. MJ said:

    I’m sending you a great big hug! I’m guessing the first night is monumental. Stay safe!

    • Helen said:

      I am wishing you the best! Love ya and keep your chin up!

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