Hi Gang!

I woke up at 4am, and headed to the Gym for my first session and a nice hot shower. Now I’ve only had to ‘rough it’ one day, so will win no badges for courage on that front….but my adventure is not about suffering…it’s about getting out there more and enjoying life, before I become worm food for my strawberry patch ..[That is where I always told my kids I wanted my ashes spread. Shoot I don’t even have a strawberry patch anymore, and No I won’t haunt anyone like I threatened , if that feat doesn’t happen. ]

BTW……I used my membership for all it was worth today. I tanned……I walked a treadmill…..I used the massage chair……and I took not one , but TWO showers. One before to wake up and after to enjoy, get clean, and pretend I was actually in a fancy spa. I went in at 4;30 and came out at 6:30, so you know I totally enjoyed myself, as the exercise part was only 20 min., before I said ‘Uncle’.

Only sporadic showers expected today, so maybe I’ll get more work done on the organization project.

I actually slept off and on last night, The little fan did a great job of keeping me cool and helping to get rid of the damp rainy feel the Van had. I discovered the van has all kinds of little lights, all you have to do is tap on them to turn them on……so no need for a fancy light set up. i misplaced my handy dandy helmet light, so used them last night when I had to fumble around for something.

A gent across the way is needing a chat partner, so will sign off for now……Laters!


Wow….I actually got flirted with by a nice ex marine gentleman this am. And I only worked out for 2o min……………boy…That got fast results!….Only kidding!Β  No date made, as I think he thought i was ‘travelin, and not staying in the neighborhood………………maybe I let him think that…I DO self sabotage myself …never learned the art of dating…..too late to care anymore.

I AM NOW BEACHSIDE………At my Sweet Spot location. I had to stop and grab lunch and just revel in the fact that I am finally here………… the Beach.

I WILL START TAKING SOME PICS SOON………………………..Gotta share this with everyone…so long as this place doesn’t get stampeded with people…all will be well. Maybe i better keep the exact location a secret…or else the Canadians will come down and ruin it for us.

Time to explore!


  1. Brenda said:

    Maybe it was the 2 showers in the same morning thing πŸ˜› The gym sounds great for the shower and exercise thing and the price at $20 a month is great! What time do the open? Or maybe they never close?

    • They are 24/7 weekdays and 7-7 weekends…I went in at 4;30 am….lol

  2. I’m using my iPhone and tee tiny keyboard … will get wifi later … Just briefly wanted to tell you I am also in a mini van and traveling.

    I forget where I came across your blog … But when you said you … aw too long for one finger

    Hello and I’ll chat later πŸ˜‰ I’m at a casino by the beach for free πŸ˜‰

    • I take it U are at the hard rock in lauderdale??? I have a friend that likes going there.

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