As I lay wide awake, trying to sleep in my new van bed, I ponder how can I make this thing actually ….liveable. I don’t want to have to tear apart all six tubs every time I need to find something. All these extra cute, neat containers I’ve set up, have no home to store them. Right now a bunch are piled in the passenger front seat and floor, as well as on top of all the other tubs. IT’S A MESS!

I need to make a ‘media’ area…for laptop and phone.

I need to get ALL my clothes in one tub…not two. I think if I hang my two big leather coats on the back of the front seats, I might make it, as they are what takes up most of one tub. Honestly…how many Harley shirts does one need when one hasn’t ridden more than once in six months…..Give it up Girl!

Getti’n tired and misspelling …not on purpose………………Nitey Nite!

  1. Thats a good idea about your coats. They always take up a lot of room. I was wondering since you are staying in a mini can you afford to get something for the top of the van..some storage container? I forget what they are called. Ideas will come to you not now though when your tired!!!

  2. I am watching craig’s list and the free ads for a free or almost free car top carrier. I’m not sure if this month’s budget will go for it….but we’ll see. I [HAD] to get a wifi booster $48, a personal smoothie gizmo $16…on sale woohoo, the Gym membership, and other misc. i try to budget $100 a month for these things and going out. It’s almost gone with so much restaurant eating to use their wifi..

    • Sorry had to reply again. Why do you need to go IN the restaurants? Where I am I just park NEAR it and get WIFI. It may be different where you are maybe?

  3. I had not really tried, as with the rain I couldn’t really fix anything and the resturants were a nice dry place to be. I tried this am, and it was too sunny to see the puter screen…will try later on.

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