I’ve decided it’s time to seek gainful employment. I know I’ll be happier if I have a ‘home base’ to stay at…for now anyway. I will love the road more, treating it as vacation time to start. I enjoy dining out, and don’t mind sleeping in the van, but to have to do it 24/7/365 is not going to make for total happiness, at least , at this point in time.

Unfortunately, I have a van payment and a few other bills …all which will be done within a year. That doesn’t help now though, and there just isn’t enough in the coffer to support a room and travel. What are my options?

STICK N BRICK JOB; I will get one of these, if all else fails. Issue being….time commitment. With my managerial experience, I never have an issue getting a job….it’s getting part time and non managerial that is tough. I am a natural Boss, and employers always want to put me in that position…even when I apply only part time.

CRAFTS: Honestly…they don’t sell well enough to even recoup the materials theses days.

HYPNOSIS AND EFT: I am more than happy to help folks out with ‘issues’ ,for donations. For those with traumas and or post traumatic stress, the EFT honestly has been well known to help. I’m a certified hypnotist. Results do not always happen overnight or with one session, but dramatic results have been had. I am more than happy to donate my time to Vets that need some help, but can’t afford a donation. I like to work with folks that are interested in continuing with self help, once I teach you the techniques.

CLEANING/ HOUSE SITTING/ MOTHER’S HELPER /ETC. : I am hoping to find a nice family that has an extra room, they would let me have, in exchange for doing their monthly heavy duty cleaning. I own a shark euro steamer and am a cleaning tornado with it. I can do gardening…pool maint….light cooking…. This would be my preferred choice of jobs………….travel two weeks a month and take care of the home when I am home. Trust me…I would more than earn the price of a room barter.  I have a lady I currently clean part time for that will give me a reference.

GIGS: I am open minded to part time gigs.

  1. Brenda said:

    I thought you might come to this realization..I hope you can find the type of employment situation you are seeking 🙂

  2. TXBX said:

    Gosh, I wish you were in TX! I can’t find anyone to live in an extra room ……… or even in their RV in my driveway! Maybe ‘time’ takes care of those things! I will begin being a SUV dweller on the 15th!

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