Try…Try…and Try Again…….Update on First Week

When I left Dove’s house I thought I had everything set up perfect.

Sadly………….no…didn’t end up that way. It did nothing but rain for my first few days on the road, and I spent a lot of time in McD’s and Panera trying to not catch a chill and to use their wifi. I left with 6 large tubs, a cooler and a multitude of smaller bags and backpacks, as well as the metal detector.

Even though I had it all strapped together, it all slid…scrunching my little bed, and the front passenger seat ended up overflowing with bags, falling all over. It was a fine mess in short order!

By Wed. I was very frustrated, and ended up spending the day with my pally Gina. I did laundry, and we chatted about options. I decided to look for work of some sort, so I can have a little spot to call home in a stick n brick place, and not try to live in the van 24/7/365. I think it will be better that way, as it’s too hard for me to give up everything, and not enough room to store camping gear and live comfortably in it with all my clothes and so forth.

I made the trip back to Dove’s today and moved my bed to the lengthways position , instead of sideways. Then there is one row of tubs along one side. 4 tubs , a 12v cooler I discovered today, and two bags for my clothing. I stored 2 more tubs and misc other things, as well as am leaving the metal detector behind, until I find a car top carrier. I am also leaving behind the camping table, for now, as will be doing only urban living for awhile. I am also leaving my crafts tub behind for now. Maybe I’ll just keep one size crochet hook , for the road, and save the wire wrapping tools and so forth for when I am at my future stick n brick location.

On the trip home, I stopped at a store in Kissimmee and ran into a dear older lady I used to work with at Wal-Mart. That was nice. I ran across a purse, sitting on a chair, that looked full, so slightly peeked in and then promptly took it up to the desk. in a few min, a lady was looking around and I let her know the purse was up front. Her family was so thankful. I was just so glad to help.

After that, I felt rewarded for my kind gesture, by finding a 12v cooler, at a reasonable price.of $20, at a police organization thrift store. I thought I had found this great twin bed that was adjustable to any height, but it was college extra long size, and just didn’t fit. I could have stored my tubs underneath and had a twin bed instead of my flod out foam chair. The chair is comfy though. it should be even more so, since I moved it lengthwise.

I got out the new butane burner, and WOW…it works slicker than snot……I LUB IT!  I also found a vented round pan to hopefully cook my little taco shell pizzas on, and found a lid to cover the top, so the heat would be held in better. I’ll take pics later.

I’m tired, but feel like I learned some lessons and am moving forward.


  1. Brenda said:

    I’m just glad you’re safe.. You went some time between postings and I was wondering…

  2. Mary said:

    Lifestyle changes are tough. Hope you had some fun this week while learning life on the road. Hope you continue on this journey. Be safe

  3. I may slow down to a couple posts a week….I was doing so many, as i want to document the first week and first month on the road, as much as possible, as it will help others starting out to see what someone else went through.

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