As you know I was totally frustrated with the first layout I did.  Back to the drawing board……………..

I got to Dove’s home yesterday in the afternoon, while she was still at work. I flew into the new set up…….double pace…crazy lady…..stay outta the way mode….lol. That’s how I clean house too…….

I am pleased with how it turned out. The bed is now lengthwise……I even put a sheet on it and everything. The one row of tubs are:

[1] Food

[2] Cooking gear….butane burner, pots n pans, a pizza pan set up I devised, and space for my new personal blender/smoothie maker.

[3] Euro steamer….paper work stuff

[4] Luggable Loo, step stool, emergency light/radio

[5] 12v cooler….this thing is working great! Year on paper work says 1996.

On top……………..

[1] Picnic backpack

[2] Duffle bag of clothes

[3] Overnight case of clothes

I bungee corded the tubs together, and also ran one through the packs ….then covered all with a  fitted flannel sheet. I wrapped the flat sheet around the bed.

Up front seat:

Power pack

Soft side cooler with thermos in it.

Gym bag…set up , ready to go for a workout

Passenger seat….will use for laptop.

My little 12v fan is nestled next to the power pack…it does a great job…best $10 investment ever.

Will keep all this covered with a towel or small blanket.

Back of seats….I have two caddys for misc, and one for jewelry…all covered up by a sweater I wear to the movies.

I think I will be much happier with this set up….though I did have to leave 4 tubs and other misc. at my friend’s home. A future cartop carrier should solve a lot of the problem, as well as finding a room for my off road times. I took one crochet hook along for my on road crafts…..lol. I can make can cozies etc , while on the road.

Note: I discovered the 12v cigarette lighter plugs ,do shut off when engine is not running, so now feel safe to leave them plugged in. I  froze a gallon sun tea jug in my friend’s freezer overnight to help the cooler out a bit, and have nice cold water, if need be.

Side door view

Back view with packs on top

Motorcycle helmet and pool barbells in little side area

Covered by back curtains

The fold up foam chair bed, with sheet

Everything all strapped in

Power station and small cooler with thermos

All neat and ready to rock n roll

What got left behind

  1. I was wondering how you got in and out until you said the bed was folding. But it looks neat. Good job! so cool about the AC(pun intended)!

  2. MJ said:

    Love, love, love your blog! So you better keep posting and I have my fingers crossed for a bigger rig for you. I still have about 3 years before I hit the road and I want a class B or a small, under 22′, class C. Has this week been any easier for you?

  3. MJ…yes this week has been easier….I’ve been staying with friends all week….lol. Am hitting the bricks, to get gainful employment and get that stick n brick home away from home soon.

  4. Brenda said:

    Did you find any job yet?

  5. Patrick said:

    I saw your Power station and it looked very similar if not identical to the Harbor Freight 5-in-1 Power Pack I have been researching for my Chevy Astro van conversion. If so, how do you like it? In other words, does it work as described? Power a laptop long enough to get some work done? Any drawbacks? Thanks. -Patrick

    • Patrick,
      That is exactly the one I have. I am pleased as punch with it! I have it charge while I drive, as well as my 12v cooler, and the van shuts the cig arette lighter charging off same time the radio shuts off, so no draining of the battery or having to remember to unplug it. I did buy the no receipt required warranty, which is great. Any issues, just pull in to any harbor freight, and they will replace it. they go by your phone number to track the warranty down.

      For my small usage, it is wonderful. I plug a 12v fan bought at walmart for $10, and it blows right on me , keeping me cool, or if really hot, I made the swamp cooler top to put in a cooler.

      When staying at friend’s homes, the additional shore adapter charges it.
      The smaller one they had, aslo charged that way, but had no inverter option on it. Best $100, I ever spent. I thought I was going to have to go the whole route of 2 batteries and solar and all that, but am doing ‘jus fine’ with this one.

      • Patrick said:

        Joy, thanks for the report. That settles it; I am going to get one before the sale & the 20% off coupon expires this month. Will add the warranty you mentioned also. I too thought it might be a good alternative to a full-blown solar setup. As a matter of fact, if solar charging is needed, the Power station could be charged using Harbor Freight’s 15 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Panel item #96418 which even includes the cigarette lighter adapter. Again, thanks. -Patrick

      • Thanks for that bit of info about the solar option! I figured there was a way to do that easily. WooHoo on the sale coupon!

  6. Patrick said:


    It’s me again with another question. I remember you discussing raw foods, juicing, but was unable to locate your post.

    What make/model juicer do you use? Was it the Magic Bullet?

    After researching and reading the reviews, I purchased this one:

    Do you think it will work for juicing vegtables?

    Thanks. . .


    • Patrick,
      That is the same model I purchased for use in the van. It has such kewl features. Lowest watts used for the output…..the ease of blending/sipping /storing/cleanup….and price. True, it doesn’t have quite the ummmpapah of a magic bullet….but I didn’t expect that, and I try not to over stress it. Obviously, it is more a blender/smoothie maker, than a powerful juicer. But the blades are the same as the magic bullet. I just am sure I have plenty of liquid in there, then add my solids.
      This is a recipe for my favorite energy juice. Now I choose to use canned apple juice, as the base, but one could use water or milk/coconut milk, or another juice.
      8 oz. apple juice
      1/2 a carrot…sliced up to aide the chopping….I don’t peel it…just wash it
      a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ginger root…peeled
      For more energy and vitamins….I add

      a small bunch of parsley
      a few baby spinach leaves
      a few ice cubes to make it cold and can turn it into a frosty

      To me….this is very tastey…and the flavor is sweet and appley.

      I also have a HOME model real juicer by Hamilton Beach…..the Big Mouth…got it via Walmart online…..not practical for a van, but great if you want a juicer at home.

      Note: If I were out camping, I would probably forage for the ‘greens’, just be sure to add in only ones you know to be safe. Stuff like grass, purslane, dandelion, cattail…baby stalk or root, whatever you know to be safe and nutritious. A lot of utube vids are out on what is ok to forage.
      Let me know how it goes for you!

      • Patrick said:

        Thank you. The detailed response was very helpful, even the recipe was just what I needed to get started. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have it in the van ready to go. -Patrick

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