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Pretty in Pink…………..

My pally Dove bought a water bottle with an ice stick and filter on it, for her ‘work water’. She asked me to make a cute cozy for it. This is a simple craft I can do on the road. Gift your friends and make while sitting around chatting. Most everyone uses water bottles or soda cans.

I stuck one crochet hook in a pen holder slot, in my laptop case.


Slip stitch 4 stitches….and join to create a circle

Crochet 6-8 stitches …as many as will fit in the first row

Do two stitches in each space in the next row……increasing

Next row….two stitches….then one the spaces

Continue till it almost goes to the bottom of the can…..usually only three rows will do it.

Then just single crochet ..not adding any stitches in rows till as high as you want.

You can end there…or make a fancier edging, by doing last row of …slip st., single cr, double cr, single cr, slip st…in pattern….makes it sort of ruffled looking. It’s what I did on this one.

I used 100% cotton yarn on this one…not a lot of stretch, but worked fine and is very absorbent of moisture.

The water bottle…neekid

Pretty in Pink Cozy