October Life and Location Update

Hi folks………

As you all know, I was having issues trying to live with all my earthly possessions in the mini van, as well as not enjoying the adventure all on my lonesome. Soooo…life adjustment once more….take one step backward.

I found a position being a live-in housekeeper, for a disabled Vet. I am free to travel one week a month, if I so choose. This will allow me to take only what items I need on the trips, and therefore the mini van will be much more comfortable. It’s a better way for me to start out. I can still make plans with people, and go visit my friends and family…..yet have storage space, and comfort of the stick n brick life…..complete with Tvs, rocker, and all my craft projects.

I’m having fun decorating my ‘space’ soft and romantic this time round….roses/wicker/lace. There is a nice big porch here…more of a veranda, as well as a backyard deck, so plenty of room to enjoy. The person I am helping out has No decorations, or inclination for that sort of thing, and has given me permission to decorate, as I please.  This place is very much like the mobile home rehab projects I took on , in the past. Fortunate for me, the landlord here is being wonderful to the home as well as his tenant, in repairing and replacing broken items. In fact, he is the one that found me to help out. We need more people like that in this world.

I am now located in Palm Harbor , Florida…..a smallish town located off Hwy 19, next to tarpon Springs….known for the Greek Sponge Dock Community. I am finding the small towns around here to be fun to explore, and there are a few beaches, as well as Marinas close by. Famous Pier 60 in Clearwater, is only 20-30 min. down the road. I already know the Clearwater area well from living there a year, so day trips with girl friends are fun.

I went yesterday with my pally Dove to check out downtown Dunedin, and spent my spending money for the month in two shops…buying wicker.  Will do pics of the projects, as time goes on. Yes..I know…more furniture to tie me down in one place, but I feel this will be a long term position. Hope so anyway.

I want to take this time to profusely thank my pally Linda, for letting me be a dreaded ‘Indian Giver’, and giving me back a beloved old powder blue rocker, I had given her 6 moths ago, when I moved to Melbourne….as well as a much needed pasta pot and lots of jean material to allow me to make a nice rag rug for my room. No stopping there, she informed me of a recycling swap shop I didn’t know about in Pinellas County, where one can get free paint and other things. This is a godsend, as we all know how expensive it can be to constantly be buying paint for this and that project……   I am trying to decorate here….for free, except for my labor, as it is not my home, and I can’t make a large investment money wise.

Health is good and spirits are up….though I do look forward to the next road trip…maybe in Nov.  Always up to meet travelers on my groups for little meet n greets in the surrounding areas.


  1. Brenda said:

    Hi my sister! It’s so good to hear that your new employment/living arrangement is working out well for you. I would love to see pics of place where you are living now.. so when you write about it I can form a more accurate pic in my head. No need to wait until you decorate or whatever.. I understand that you will fix things up/decorate as opportunites present themselves 🙂 I’m also glad you are enjoying your daily life. I enjoy reading about your adventures.. so keep on posting 🙂 I love ya!

  2. Cam said:

    Great Joy! Things seem to have turned around for the better for you.

  3. Linda D. said:

    Joy, I found you by reading Bob’s blog, and just wanted to comment that you and I seem to have a lot in common. I also have worked as a waitress and nurse’s aide. And am into the raw food/healthy eating way of life. I enjoy lots of green smoothies, salads, and vegetables…and will occasionally have seafood. I love seafood! I love flowers and gardening, and love to craft and sew things. You are presently doing just what I hope to do in future….be a sort of live-in companion…cook for them, do the laundry and cleaning, etc. but still have time off to roam and explore, etc. the area. I presently have a van, although not a hi-top, that I am planning to live in, and reading your blog, and Bob’s and others is very helpful. Years ago I used to live in Waldo, and I have a neice at St. Mary’s, Ga. I may have to get back over that way one of these days, and when I do, I hope to run into you.

    • Nice to meet you Linda…………….yes, we do have a lot in common. I found Bob’s book very helpful. The only thing I didn’t count on was being lonely on the road. it is amazing how much time we spend in front of the puter and TV. I found I prefer a traveling companion, but my mini van is not set up for that….so am waiting and just going to do short trips for now.

  4. Adriana said:

    Hi Joy, found you on Bob’s cheaplivingblog. Was a nurse for 25 yrs. Moved tp FL from CA. Have been exploring raw vegan diet. Found some resources in meetup groups in Sarasota. Very interested in living in a van too. Think I can because I happily lived out of a back pack & travelled backpacling for 18 months 2 yrs ago throughout Soth & Central America.

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