Well Pals……..we made it through 2012 !

They say it is the end of the darker…Iron Age….and the true beginning of the Aquarian Age of more Love and Light flowing to our planet. I see it happening in so many subtle ways. It’s all good in my book!

I can’t wait for free energy and a myriad of other things to come about. For my little part……I am growing more of the food we eat daily, and trying to live more sustainably. Back in the 70’s, I homesteaded, and did live that way. I wish now I had chosen to stay on that path, and not deviate.

For now……I will just compost as much as possible, and grow more food. I am experimenting with Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and possibly Vermiponics as well as conventional gardening. I just assembled most of the items needed to start up a simple system. I’ll post pics and my design plan soon.

On New Year’s Day, I adopted an aquarium. I love the added life the cute fish bring to this place! I started off with a couple Shubunkins and some gold fish to start off. They are very active and are getting along fine. I’ll post a couple pics of them.

As time moves forward, I’ll be adding more plants, indoors and outside. I hit the new seed rack at Wal mart and bought a passel of 20 cents packs of seed, and one of those mini green houses that will hold 72 plants.  I have a friend with a cottage herb biz and will be raiding her place come spring, as well.

I know it might sound funny to start a big garden when this job I have might or might not last, but one cannot live in fear of that. I choose to live in the Now and make the best of my circumstances.

I looked at some RVs , and found one I loved. A Ford 4 Star or something like that ….a class C. I loved that it was small enough I would be able to handle driving it, yet had a big bathroom, and all the amenities for comfortable living for myself and a friend. A better choice than my minivan, and something to shoot for down the road.

I wish you all the best in this New Year……and if you get over to Palm Harbor, Fl way…let’s meet up for coffee or lunch somewhere. Tarpon Springs and Dunedin have neat places to stop. They are spitt’in distance from here…lol.


  1. Glad things are going well for you, Joy. I enjoyed the month I spent in Palm Harbor (January 2011). I was in walking distance of the community and senior centers, a little further from the library and about a 15 minute walk from the little village of Palm Harbor. I enjoy Tarpon Springs and all the great Greek food there and there is a little outdoor food place in Dunedin in the strip shopping center parking lot at the Intersection of Alternate Rt 19 and Causeway Blvd. Great place to hang out for inexpensive, but good food and to watch the traffic. I plan to get back down to FL to see friends all over the state, but not sure exactly when, yet. If you’re still there, I’ll look forward to meeting up with you.


    • Ed,
      You stayed very close to where I live. I’m on the edge of downtown, same street as the library is on. Dunedin is kewl, and I accidentally found a decent place in Tarpon downtown that’s a good place to eat.

  2. Wolf said:

    Great job Miss Joy !!! Can you teach this old dog some new “garden tricks” or two ? Like to have a mini herb garden in my Corolla Mini RV. Wolf

  3. Sure Wolf,
    We can figure something out! You can grow sprouts for sure, and we can do a kewl red folgers coffee can herb garden for ya that will do the trick.

  4. joe said:

    Look up square foot garden I think you will like that lots of stuff in small space no weeding or any of the hard work of conventional garden

    • Thanks Joe,
      Yes….I do a combination of square foot, no till, bio intensive gardening, in the soil. I do it very simply. On new beds, I throw compost on and work it in a little, then cover everything up with card board or newspaper, and free wood chips. I wet it down good, and when ready to plant, make holes for the plants, with an old serrated knife I keep for gardening. I buy a container of worms and toss on the bed. I usually fertilize with rabbit manure tea, once a week, or if lazy, just sprinkle it around and let the rain do it’s job. That’s when planting plants. [Rabbit manure is non burning, and can be used directly around plants, without being composted first]

      If doing an onion or carrot patch…..I work the compost in and make sure it is weed free. Then I broadcast the seed or sets, cover lightly with dirt, and cover with my mulch. As they come up…who can resist baby carrots or green onions? You thin, as the bed needs it, adding to supper.

      After one year, you notice how the worms did such a good job. In the off season, I bury my kitchen waste, even the meat waste. The worms love it , and so do next years plants.

  5. lala412 said:

    I lived in Spring Hill, north of there, for seven years – left in 2000. I loved Tarpon Springs, and my favorite quilting shop was in Dunedin – Rainbow’s End. My first non-work trip after I get my rv will be down to FL… I miss it, and my cousin and her family still live in Spring Hill. Your van setup sounds great, by the way! 🙂

    • Great! Maybe we’ll hook up one of these days! If you start a blog, let me know and I’ll sign up to follow your adventures.

      • lala412 said:

        Oh! Sorry, ended up with two posts – it said it wasn’t posting the first because I had to log in. Sorry! I do have a blog, it’s (a blogspot blog).

  6. lala412 said:

    I lived just north of there, in Spring Hill, for seven years. Loved Tarpon Springs (i love anything Greek, lol), and my favorite quilt shop was Rainbow’s End in Dunedin. My first non-work trip after I get my rv will be back down there – haven’t seen my cousin or her family for at least ten years… I miss Florida!

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