This post is to play ‘Catch up’ for all my travl’in  friends……..

The trip up North to Pa. was just starting to be enjoyable, and I was getting used to sleeping in the van and my GPS. I found one of those atlases that shows where all the walmart locations are, and then would sort of plan my night time stops around one of those or a planet fitness location close to interstate for showers. Both is possible!…lol.

A monkey wrench gummed up the trip with van issues causeing tranny to blow up on interstate in S. Carolina. It was decided it would be too costly to fix it, for the worth of the van….and the location I was at was scarey to me.

I ended up selling it to a junk yard for $500, and still owed 1k on it, so …this is NOT GOOD. I had to throw away or leave in the van most of my new set up, as I couldn’t get it sold and rental car wouldn’t hold it all. ….ROUGH TRIP….

All in all….it would have been much cheaper to do the long trip in a rental car. Now had i been in my van in a close by local area, i could have called my local mechanic friend and he would have fixed me up. Many lessons learned here.

Now I have No vehicle, but am safe and sound at my daughter’s for the summer. I am busy doing gardening and landscaping work at her house and enjoying being around a busy family, and all that entails.

I must say, I’m not fond of driving in the mountains, though they are beautiful. I’ve lived in Florida or Iowa, which are both pretty flat, my whole life, so this is culture shock. Honestly….give me beach side  any day of the week…even in the heat, but this is where family is, so what are you gonna do?

Pa. has lots of foraging for berries opportunities, which I am enjoying…lol

Here are a couple pics of my daughter and I having fun doing a sheet mulch garden. She got me up on the machine I call a ‘Scooper Dooper’….vowing I will be an expert by end of season. She has horses, and i can practice on keeping the manure/compost piles in order.

Me spreading compost on the second layer. Wood chip mulch tops it off.

Me spreading compost on the second layer. Wood chip mulch tops it off.

My daughter doing more than her share....

My daughter doing more than her share….

A pick of me on the backhoe.

A pick of me on the backhoe.

My daughter on her horse, Jake. He is endurance horse.

My daughter on her horse, Jake. He is fiesty….an endurance horse.

I’m saving money and doing part time jobs, , for a permanent home base, and hopefully will find warm weather friends to visit in warmer climate in the winter.  Not so sure about investing in another van, for a time. Open minded….. if any of my friends have space for a stowaway that can pay their share on winter trips….lol.

  1. Offroad said:

    Great story and lesson. If it was me would have it towed to a safe storage lot for one month. But that’s hind sight, and you were burning money by keeping it. Loosing $500 is not bad, and hope you could strip out everything.

    • Yes..In hindsight, I should have stored it or got a uhaul and hauled it to my kids. Even though monetarily it wasn’t valued at a lot, with a new tranny, it would have gotten me around for years. Now when I buy another vehicle, I will have to fix whatever it needs as well. It was a very upsetting time, and I wasn’t thinking very clearly. Lesson learned….Have a pre planned …plan of action , in your head for all the ‘in cases’…..

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