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A question that comes up while ‘on the road’, is: How can I eat healthy, with lack of stores around or refrigeration? So much easier to just buy canned or dehydrated foods….not?

Honestly, it’s not that much trouble to sprout seeds, for tasty greens to add to your diet. Use them in place of lettuce, raw and in cooking. make enough to use in a couple days, and no need to refrigerate. Keep two or three of my small D.I.Y. sprouter containers going, and you will have healthy greens whenever you want them.

Mix your sprout seeds for a taste variety. You can buy a mix called a ‘salad mix’. To get started fast, Just go buy a bag of mung beans or lentils in the grocery store. They make fatter sprouts, but if in a rush to start, and no health food store in sight, go for it!

How To Make A Recycled material Sprouter:

I like using empty cottage chez or sour cream containers, same diameter, but one short and one taller. Then drill holes in bottom of the short one..[5-6 holes are enough][smallest drill bit]…..or could poke with a hot nail or some such. Make holes so inside is smooth and any rough edges are on bottom. Also drill holes in the lid. Only need one lid.



STEP 1: Soak a heaping tablespoon of seeds in water, in the larger container overnight.

STEP 2: Drain in the morning , into the smaller container. Thereafter, rinse twice a day. Easiest to remember in the morning and before bedtime. In about three days, you’ll have sprouts ready to eat. When you see the first tiny leaves, they are ready. You set them in the sun for a couple hours to green them up. NOTE: While they are growing , you must simulate the effect of being in the ground, by keeping them in a dark place. Just cover your containers with a cloth to keep sunlight out , or store in a cupboard. The larger container catches the drips.

ENJOY: Toppings on sandwiches, in green juices, stir-fry, and as a salad. I love cottage chez/sprouts/sunflower seeds/and italian dressing salad.family200family201family209family210family211