Monthly Archives: August 2013

As many of my friends know, I’ve experienced a challenging time the last few months, with my Mini van tranny going out, and making the decision to junk it out. My laptop broke down , as well a couple weeks ago. This leaves me with only my prepaid phone working . That’s the bad news……here is the Good News.

I was on the way to visit my kids for the summer, so have been having a fun time with them. My son in law is working on fixing the laptop, so all is not lost yet. They have graciously been letting me use their’s , as well as sharing a vehicle. My Sis also got to visit us here, so it was just great, getting to see most of the family. Butttt….this State…[Pa] is not my ‘home’ state, and I am used to flat lands and a warmer climate. I never intended to spend the winter here, and found it time to make some sort of plan for winter digs.

My bankroll wasn’t great enough to purchase a good van or rv and have extra for any potential repairs, so I opted on something else. I decided to go back to a comfort zone , area and abode. I called the mgr. at a +55 mobile home park I used to reside in, in beautiful Clearwater Beach , Fl. The park is small, simple, walking distance to shopping[need that with no vehicle], and reasonable. Even so, it would have been less expensive to rent a room share…but after being literally homeless for a while, I feel the overwhelming need to own ‘something’, for my peace of mind security.

Sounds weird, but I bought this place, sight unseen…basically over the phone. I had a trusted friend go look at it for me, and got the same verbal description the park mgr. gave me. A 3 bdrm mobile home that has been rehabbed…new flooring, paint, new water heater, and has a double roof. I flipped a couple mobile homes and know this is a move in ready situation…and the Price was Right. I wanted to be able to have a roomie or two, to off set costs, and the company can be nice, if it’s the ‘right’ roomie. Owning the home , paying lot rent, utilities, cable, buying furnishings, etc is costly. I also need to ‘get a real job’ for awhile and save for another vehicle, and get a decent nest egg built up.

I won’t be there till the 19th of Aug., but am testing the water for potential roomies. I am going for a good fit, lifestyle wise and am advertising for those compatible with ‘green living’. I have a few friends in the area, and have thrown myself on their mercies, willing to be happily surprised if they hook me up with anything and everything to stock and furnish the household, as it is empty. I am flying there. I managed to pack my beloved old drill and a few hand tools in the baggage that will go in the belly of the plane….a few clothes in the carry-on….laptop bag for my freebie carry-on [hoping the laptop gets fixed].

I’m feeling very confident now, as the whole process of finding and buying this home has gone seamlessly. I have big plans to create an example of permaculture gardening + energy saving…in small places. I will join a couple local ‘permie’ groups in Clw. It should be lots of fun. I always have to have a ‘project’ going on, as it keeps you young to keep busy.

For the future…..I’d still like to travel and either getting another van/Rv or traveling with a friend with one, will hopefully be in the cards. A ‘real job’…meaning punching a time clock, might hamper things for a while, but you never know. Working part time…one should have more days off, and short trips should be ok.

I hope to visit family more now. Miss them already , and I haven’t even left…lol

I’d love to plan meet ups with others, if they are passing through the Clw, Fl area.