It’s been about two years since I’ve had wheels. I was beginning to think I never would, and sink into life in the slow lane at the senior apt. complex…………………UGH!     At my one year reup time  I decided to do…….WHATEVER IT TOOK…….to have wheels again.

I made this happen in a bout 3-4 mos……so surprised myself. I clean house on anything I wasn’t using, and crafted and sold on ebay. 

This week I got………what in the 70’s we called a Hundred Dollar Van……only now they cost $1,000. Annnd you have to expect a few mechanical hiccups. My Black Beauty is a bit ruff around the edges……just like me…..and needs some TLC.    But ALL GOOD…….I have a mechanic on call…… runs…………AND IT’S A VAN. 

Oh…….she is a 2003 Ford Winstar….BLACK and Chrome.   153,000 miles…..and to be fair…..looks it. The night I bought her, she ran ok, and the air worked, tires not bald. The next day a couple issues arose, so I called the mechanic and got the low down. She’s going to need a little work………a blend door actuator……and am keeping an eye on the alternator and starter, as the mechanic believes the former owner stupidly sprayed the engine compartment out , and didn’t take care with covering things he should have. It’s charging, but intermittently the idiot light comes on. He said it may dry out and be fine, but we’re keeping an eye on it. Today the air and fan wouldn’t turn on, so maybe I blew a fuse or it has to do with that Blend door thingy. At any rate, all will be fixed soon. 

I got a craft table partner and will now be selling my hand crafted things locally, as well as ebay.   It’s been a really busy week. I can’t complain about being bored anymore. 

Once I feel BLACK BEAUTY is trustworthy, I’ll be taking her metal detecting, shell collecting, and all that fun stuff. Yaaaaay!

These pics are her in rough mode…..soon she’ll be all cleaned up and will be looking about as good as I do……lol. IMG_19800719_031913 332839176715 IMG_19800719_031923

  1. Ed said:

    I’m a vandweller too, and have thought quite a bit about metal detecting. Do you like it at the beach or looking for nuggets in dirt?

    • I just got a new detector …Minelab Go Find 60. I’b be happy to find anything anywhere, but usually go to beach/sand and also collect shells. The scoop makes shell collecting easier too. I haven’t found anything great yet, but it’s the thrill of the find…..right.

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