Monthly Archives: August 2016

Hello My Friends…….

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a post……..mostly because I’ve been apartment living and not traveling in my van. My current 2003 Ford Windstar, isn’t really a travel worthy vehicle. it does however , get me to the close by Farmer’s market, where I sell my handcrafted beach jewelry. The plan is to save enough for a better or even new Van, by spring of 2017.

I had a little fender bender this week. I was stopped at a stop light and a gent’s brakes locked up, and his truck slammed into my poor old van, and shoved me into another truck, in front of me. Thankfully , none of us were hurt. Of course my van looks a bit like a sardine can, crumpled. Amazingly, it still runs, and the air cond. still works , just like it used to….[when it feels like it…lol]

The fellow that hit me, had just bought his old truck, and hadn’t got plates yet, or insured it. I only have liability insurance. Butttttt….silver lining in the cloud………The guy took his lumps like a man should, and did the right thing by me. He put plastic on my broken window area, bungied up my front bumper, so I could drive it home, and then he settled with me on the value of my van, in cash, as repairs would have come to many thousand over value of the vehicle. I can still drive it to the market, and am looking into someone replacing the rear door/window for me. The front bumper will stay bungied, and the sliding doors don’t work perfect anymore…but it is still OK to be my hauler for the Market , which is only two blocks from home. All in all, there will be around $1500 to add to the Adventure Van Savings Account.

I feel like my faith in humanity has been restored a bit . This accident could have ruined my life both physically and spiritually, as well as taken away my only mode of transport. Guess I better think about getting full coverage and uninsured motorist coverage! I wrote this post…NOT to illicit sympathy, but to give an example of how bad things can happen to good people, and we need to be prepared for what Life throws at us.

I will probably keep my apt. and upgrade my Adventure Van, as time and funds allow. It’ll be nice to have my cozy cave to come home to , after my Adventures, and when it’s really hot or really cold outside.

Here’s some pics of my tattered Van now…………..