Monthly Archives: December 2018

It’s been ages since I posted …time flys.


I’m still apartment living in Pa, at the moment, to be closer to family. Unfortunately, I just cannot take the cold weather, therefore, am waiting, for over a year now , to get back into my former Fl, senior apt. bldg. It will be nice to enjoy the Holidays with them this year, but after that…I HOPE the apt complex will finally have an apt for me…lol!


On my last post, in 2016, I was making jewelry, and selling at a farmer’s market. That whole journey created debt, instead of helping me save for a travel vehicle. Just one of those things…lesson learned, and I have been hitting it hard to pay that debt off. With the soon to be, move back to Fl and that, it will no doubt be at least another year before I can expect to get another vehicle. I have places I want to go and things I want to do, on my bucket list. 


Bucket List:

I want to travel the whole Fl coast…..metal detecting , enjoying the beach, and intensively exploring Fl  This will no doubt take several months.  Along with metal detecting, I’d like to collect my own crystals, shark teeth, etc, to use in art work. 


I’d like to camp and stay in the Sanibel Island area for a month, and just do lots of shelling and exploring.


I want to go to some permaculture /hearbalist /foraging /tiny house junkets.  Attending some Blue Grass or Country weekend events would be fun.  


If I manage to experience my fill of Fl, then I will move on to the rest of the USA.  Moving slowly, making friends, enjoying a simple life, yet comfortable.  If I ever find an ideal situation, where I can create a wonderful garden of my own, and live out retirement years enjoy a combo of that and travel….that would be a dream come true.


Merry Xmas!