I’m Minnie Van Joy….Recently retired …. this blog will serve as my testament to this new Great Adventure. Come along for the ride….let’s stop, take some pictures, go exploring, and  smell the roses.

I have a passion for living simply, frugally, yet enjoy amenities and a good quality of life. I am always experimenting with little DIY projects and artsy fartsy craft projects.

Off grid and self sustainability are more passions.

Juicing, raw food, and foraging are new interests.

I hope to meet other like minded people along the way and attend meet n greets.

  1. willard jennings said:

    Hello Minnie Van Joy….Hope all is well with you….I saw you mentioned Palm Bay….Cocoa fl here…Wordly possessions will tie a person down….STUFF to look after…I hope you do well and have a good life…just wanted to say HI !!! Keep on a truckin….willardj

    • Hi Willie,
      Actually I eventually plan on spending time at my fav. area this winter….Eau galle and A1A over by Patric AFBase…..so will have to do a meet n Greet when i get over your way.

  2. Scottie said:

    How fortuitous I just discovered your blog now. I am also in the process of converting a mini van into a camper van. It will be fun to follow each other’s progress!
    – Scottie

  3. Scottie said:

    How fortuitous that I just now discovered your blog. I also am converting a mini van into a camper van. http://www.ScottieWanders.com
    It will be fun following each other’s progress!
    – Scottie

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