I wanted to have on hand both a camping and SHTF cooking set up. I’ve been watching utube for all the DIY bushcraft set ups. There are a lot of alcohol burner vids out there, but I wanted as safe as I could make it , and KISS SYSTEM…EASY. Sooooo…I entered a couple auctions on ebay, and got a nice alcohol burner and set of 4 nested pans, on a separate auction, for a grand total of about $15.

I saved a #10 metal can to make a wind shield out of. I still have to drill air holes in it, or whatever modification is necessary. There is even room in it to have a 4 0z. bottle of fuel, if you want. When I’m out on the road, all I care about is heating water for coffee or dehydrated meals, so this is perfect for me. Whatever ingredient is in Heet for cars is one of the better fuels to use , or 70% alcohol. Either looks to have safe to transport containers, and pour out only an ounce at a time.

So now I’m ready to cook on the road….all I need is the Van…..working on that….selling crafts and just penny pinching. If not by this fall…for sure by next spring I will have one, once more.














I’ve been debating on how I will make my morning java. Formerly i used a hamilton Beach Single Serving Elec . coffee maker. Simple setup, but won’t be using elec anymore. I figure on heating water on the butane stove or in a 12v travel mug.

I also have been trying to think of some way to filter water, while on the road. I am figuring to use melted ice cube water….storing it in large containers in the ice chest. Getting water from all different sources is like asking for ‘problems’.  I am not one to waste my money on buying bottled water…..only actually buy it that way if I need one in my purse to enjoy in a movie, and it needs to be sealed.

Decision made…..I must find something suitable to fit in my containers and filter things.


I found this 3″ tall  2.5 ” wide filter thingy…sitting inside a single serve glass coffee pot in a thrift store today.  It also has a button to press in case your grounds get clogged…but I will be using a paper filter.

I will either find a water filter cartridge to fit or make an activated charcoal filter out of charcoal and two coffee filters, tied with a good twisty tie. Easy Peezy!

I also found a cute blue metal cream pitcher, that will double as a single serve coffee pot….as well as a pitcher that can be used to get water out of sinks not large enough to put a larger container in. Nice spout and nice handle…unbreakable, and small enough to stick in my beach bag satchel.

Cost…$2.99 for both at the thrift store


Filter Inside view

I went thrift store adventuring today, with my pally Dove. She discovered it, and when she showed it to me…WE knew I had to have it. Now , I’ve been looking for dishes for the road and had not found the ‘right’ thing as of yet.

This Pic-N-Nik back pack is soooo cute and set up for a romantic picnic, with wine, crackers, and chez.  An insulated large pocket for cold or hot food… insulated wine bottle holder [removable], and set for 4 of plates, wine glasses, cutting board, silverware.

OMG…I may have to interview for a gentleman friend to enjoy this properly!  Just joking…gave up on That a while ago…but U never know……

Practically…..I am think’in it will be puuurfect to transport any items i care to dine on to whereever I care to dine……..beachside…….short trek to my fav. riverside hideouts……The Mall ……..should I wish……there is even a pouch to stash a table cloth or light weight blanket.

I will probably move my kitchen utensils to a pouch in this bag, instead of the thermal cooker bag. The old coca cola silverware will be getting donated.

I paid $19.95 for it……broke the bank….but oh well…..sometimes you have to live on the edge like that. Two days till ‘payday’…I won’t starve. My friend said she wouldn’t kick me out till then….lol. I think she’s having as much fun helping me outfit my van , as I am.


Back view

Wine glasses/cutting board


Thermal pouch